Delay to junk food ads ban could ‘blow a hole’ in UK obesity strategy | Obesity

The decision to delay a ban on supermarket offers, including “buy-one-get-one-free” deals on junk food, could “blow a hole” in the government’s obesity strategy, a former health minister has warned.

Amid rising concern about food costs, it emerged on Friday that the government will delay a ban on multibuy deals for foods deemed unhealthy or fattening. It will also pause plans to ban pre-watershed TV advertising for foods high in fat, salt or sugar.

It is understood that the prime minister, Boris Johnson, decided to delay the implementation of the policies by at least a year – and potentially scrap them altogether – after chairing a ministerial meeting to find ways to alleviate the cost of living crisis on Wednesday.

Lord Bethell, a former health minister, piloted measures to ban multibuy deals before he was sacked in last year’s reshuffle. He said failures to stop people eating junk food will

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