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A bowl of vegetable soup can satiate your hunger no matter the temperature outside. Serve up vegetable soup on the dreariest winter days for a quick fix or chill out with a cooled-down version of your favorite recipe during the warmer months. Easy to make, these mouthwatering recipes are also nutrient-rich and nourishing to the last sip. And whether you serve them as a starter or the main dish, these vegetable soups are sure to delight.

An array of hearty vegetables serve as the unifying element in these soups, and each recipe we’re sharing is either entirely classic or a delicious twist on the expected; if you want a traditional recipe, go for our Everyday Vegetable Soup, which is pictured here. Depending on when you make your vegetable soup, you’ll want to consider the produce that’s in season and use those ingredients to build your recipe. Ahead, you’ll find our recipes for soups that make good use of each season’s bounty.

While most of these dishes can be made vegetarian—simply swap the chicken broth for vegetable broth—we’re also sharing a few vegan bowls that are simply delicious, like our Vegan Lentil Soup. It’s made with carrots, broccoli rabe, celery, shallots, crushed tomatoes, and lentils for a seriously satisfying meal. What we like best about vegetable soup is its versatility, so feel free to get creative. One of our favorite ways to do just that is with our Eastern variations on the signature recipe. Try our Ramen Soup with Vegetables for a filling take that makes use of soft ramen noodles; if you’re looking for Mediterranean flavors, we have a number of recipes you’re sure to love, like our Mediterranean Vegetable Soup with Couscous. With only seven ingredients, 10 minutes of prep work, and 15 minutes of cooking, it’s bound to become your new go-to.

Ahead, discover classic varieties, and soon-to-be new favorites.

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