U.S. school’s plan to search student lunches and toss junk food ripped

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The “Lunch Police” were out in full force at a school in Pennsylvania earlier this week, with plans to search the lunches of students and throw away what were deemed to be “excessive amounts of outside snacks.”

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There was seemingly not much appetite for the food forbiddance, however.

Outrage was fast and furious after a Facebook post by the Aliquippa School District on Monday said it would be dissecting the lunches of its students, according to NBC News.

The post was deleted on Tuesday after accumulating hundreds of comments from critics questioning the school’s board’s unorthodox plan at Aliquippa Junior Senior High School.

Students had been bringing shopping bags brimming with chips and canned drinks to school, according to the post. The new rule included searching each student entering the building and having a security guard dispose of anything more than one four-ounce bag of chips and one 20-ounce drink.

“Lunch Police,” one person commented on the Facebook post, according to the Miami Herald. “Maybe they should stay out of the parenting business and focus on giving our kids a quality education.

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“Maybe if school lunches weren’t to tiny and gross they wouldn’t need to bring extra snacks,” read another post, adding the idea was “absurd.”

Added yet another social media user: “Can I bring a bag of chips and extra large beverage or will gestapo stop me at the door?”

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While some couldn’t stomach the idea, others were seemingly eating it up.

“I’ve seen some of the snacks kids are bringing in when I drop by daughter off,” parent Janisha Walker told WPXI. “I’m asking my daughter like, ‘Are they setting up a small store? Why are they carrying a variety box of chips and two litres of soda into the school?

Supt. Phillip Woods told the media outlet that some students were going as far as to sell and trade snack items.

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