The Best Stir-Fry Recipes for Dinner

When you need a versatile, family-friendly meal, look no further than these delicious stir-fry recipes. You can prepare them using a wide range of proteins—think shrimp, pork, beef, chicken, or turkey—and they generally feature a fantastic assortment of vegetables and fruit (looking at you, pineapple!). One of the things we love about stir-fry is how fast it is to prepare: All of these recipes come together in less than one hour, with some even going from pantry to plate in just 15 minutes. That means that on busy weeknights, you can have a delicious, flavorful dinner for four on the table in no time at all. Save even more prep time by pre-cooking rice—because after all, what’s a delicious stir-fry recipe without a bed of sticky rice beneath it?

What really makes our collection of stir-fry dishes stand out from other recipes that combine meat and vegetables is the sauce. An umami-rich combination of oyster sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar, rice vinegar, ginger, and garlic is always a classic, but you’ll also find our take on a sweet-and-sour glaze made with fruit marmalade and a pared down combination of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and herbs.

Another great feature of stir-fry recipes is that they use an abundance of fresh vegetables like mushrooms, snap peas, asparagus, green beans, and onions. Take a peek at what’s in season at a local farmers’ market or grocery store and feel free to experiment with your different produce.

Using a wok or skillet, you can deliver an exciting combination of ingredients for lunch or dinner any day of the week with these 24 stir-fry recipes.

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