Fall Pasta Recipes Just Right for Cozy Weeknight Dinners

Both versatile and crowd-pleasing, pasta is one of those pantry staples that is quick and luxurious—that’s why it’s such a perfect candidate for weeknight dinners, entertaining, or just about any meal. As the weather cools and fall kicks into high gear, you can keep the pasta dishes coming by giving them an autumnal spin and exploring the heartier side of this favorite. Let our recipes guide you into the season.

Start by pairing pasta with plentiful fall vegetables. First, try our cheesy butternut squash shells; this dish is basically adult mac and cheese, and it’s sure to please everyone at the dinner table. If you’re looking to go with something a little different, a pink-hued gemelli with red cabbage and beets should fit the bill. Swap leafier herbs like basil for heartier herbs like rosemary in an orecchiette with chickpeas and olives. Give pesto a fall makeover by whipping up

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Best Weeknight Dinner Recipes to Make in August

Even when back-to-school season starts and weeknights get busier, dinner can still be a time for the family to gather together and enjoy a delicious homemade meal. All of the recipes we’ve gathered here take less than an hour to prepare, but you’ll find that many are much faster than that. We’re sharing recipes for healthy family-friendly dinners that everyone will enjoy, such as the Sheet-Pan Chicken Fajitas that you see right here.

This month, plan to shop for ears of corn, different sizes of eggplant, tomatoes, chile peppers, and zucchini—we use this bounty of seasonal produce in our weeknight dinners in August, and it’s a great way to keep things fresh and different. How do we use them? Zucchini is the star of a Mediterranean-style pizza, which also features caramelized onions, feta cheese, and olives. You’ll also find this favorite summer squash sharing the stage in Pork Tenderloin with

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The Best Weeknight Dinner Recipes for September

With the start of the school year officially upon us, weeknights are bound to become a whole lot busier. We’re here to help with a selection of quick and delicious weeknight meals, such as the Cashew Shrimp that’s shown here, to help you get dinner on the table (and ensure the entire family is well-fed) no matter how jam-packed your afternoon schedule is.

Just as school has rules, we have a few for getting dinner on the table with minimal fuss Monday through Friday—we think you’ll like them. First, every recipe needs to be prepared and ready to eat in less than hour. Second, the meals need to be family-friendly, meaning balanced, able to feed at least four people, and something even most kids will enjoy. Finally, every recipe needs to be easy—that means you should have the majority of ingredients on hand already and that there’s no fancy equipment

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Chicken Thigh Recipes for Quick Weeknight Dinners

Herbert M. Pickett

Few proteins are quite as versatile as chicken. While chicken breasts are probably your family’s go-to protein during the week, we’re making the case for preparing chicken thighs on busy evenings, too. Because of their higher fat content, thighs are loaded with flavor and tend to be more forgiving than breasts—they’re harder to overcook or dry out. What’s more, they’re quick-cooking and more affordable than white meat, which makes them an all-around winner for busy families looking to eat well and stick to a budget. And once you’ve seen all of the mouthwateringly delicious chicken thigh recipes our food editors have created, adding this protein to your weeknight dinner repertoire is a no-brainer. 

If you’re looking for an easy meal to add to your weeknight dinner menu, then give the Chicken with Herbed Pea Purée and Spinach, pictured here, a try. It takes just 35 minutes (including prep time!) to

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