30-Minute Spring Dinner Recipes | Martha Stewart

When spring arrives, everyone is ready to shrug off those protective winter layers and embrace the season of new beginnings. While this sentiment can apply to many aspects of life (including but not limited to closet organization), the focus here is what’s new on our dinner plates. After enduring late-winter doldrums, there’s just something especially exciting about cooking seasonally come springtime. A lot of what is on offer this time of year is of the green and delicate variety, such as fresh herbs like chives and cilantro, sugar snap peas, and asparagus, which stars with chicken sausage and cheesy grits in the fast dinner shown here. Perhaps another reason why we love seasonal spring recipes is that the influx of lighter, brighter things to eat not only matches the better weather, but our sunnier dispositions, too.

Why do we love quick dinners for spring? Now that the sun is shining

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Cabbage Recipes | Martha Stewart

Whether it’s shredded for a slaw or sautéed to a golden crisp for a side, cabbage is one of the most versatile vegetables. Our cabbage recipes include the most popular varieties—red and green cabbage—as well as Napa and Savoy cabbage. Cabbage is part of the Brassica oleracea family and its vibrant color and winter heartiness make it a favorite for both main courses and side dishes. Ahead, we’re sharing our superstar recipes that are sure to make you fall in love with cabbage all over again.

Start by keeping things simple with our recipe for Cabbage-and-Bacon Sandwiches—it’s an upgraded version of a basic BLT. Cabbage is cooked with chopped yellow onion, minced anchovies, and lemon juice until it becomes wilted. The mixture is served with crispy bacon for a super flavorful, vibrant sandwich.

For a quick weeknight dinner, whip up our Beef and Cabbage Tacos, which are on the table

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Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Recipes | Martha Stewart

Getting your little ones to expand their palate is no easy feat. If you’re looking for kid-friendly vegetarian recipes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve combed through our archives to round up our very best recipes that are both meatless and sure to be approved by anyone under the age of 10.

Trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables? Give them something familiar, such as macaroni and cheese, and then introduce one new colorful ingredient—the result will look something like our recipe for Baked Mac and Cheese with Broiled Tomatoes that’s pictured here. Kids will adore the topping made of crunchy panko breadcrumbs and the ooey-gooey combination of American cheese, sharp cheddar, and grated Parmesan. They’ll also love to taste the juicy, mild-tasting slices of Roma tomatoes scattered on top.

It’s no secret that young ones love pasta, so we use it as the base of

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One-Pot Fish Dinner Recipes | Martha Stewart

Are you a home cook who doesn’t feel confident making fish? Take the intimidation factor out of cooking seafood with these one-pot fish recipes: Each will prove to you that seafood is one of the easiest and tastiest routes to dinner and that a stellar meal doesn’t require the use of every pan in the kitchen. In just one vessel—be it a pot, skillet, or sheet pan—fresh, versatile seafood comes together with other tasty fare to become quick, comforting meals that will always hit the spot.

To help you round out your dinner repertoire, we cooked our favorite seafood—salmon, shrimp, tuna, mussels, and white fish—using techniques that freshen up dishes while also teaching you how to get a tasty meal on the table with minimal effort. Simmer a quick-cooking fish stew, such as the Fish Stew with Herbed Toasts that’s pictured here. Embrace the broiler to prepare a quick

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