Most Popular Dinner Recipes from Martha Stewart

Comforting, uncomplicated, and easy to make: That’s exactly how we’d describe this collection of our most popular dinner recipes. In addition to being absolutely delicious, they’re all made with friendly and approachable ingredients, so it’s simple to see why you, our readers, come back to these dishes time and time again. 

So, which recipes have you deemed the best of the best? Here, you’ll find familiar classics like pork chops with apples and onions, roast chicken, classic meatloaf, beef Stroganoff, and the delicious Beef Stew that’s pictured right here. All of these are perfect Sunday suppers, and don’t need elaborate side dishes to shine. If you do want to pair them with something tasty, a simple salad and a loaf of crusty bread will do the trick.

You’ll also find an array of casseroles, starting with perhaps the most beloved of American offerings: mac and cheese. Our no-fail recipe

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Vegetable Soup Recipes | Martha Stewart

A bowl of vegetable soup can satiate your hunger no matter the temperature outside. Serve up vegetable soup on the dreariest winter days for a quick fix or chill out with a cooled-down version of your favorite recipe during the warmer months. Easy to make, these mouthwatering recipes are also nutrient-rich and nourishing to the last sip. And whether you serve them as a starter or the main dish, these vegetable soups are sure to delight.

An array of hearty vegetables serve as the unifying element in these soups, and each recipe we’re sharing is either entirely classic or a delicious twist on the expected; if you want a traditional recipe, go for our Everyday Vegetable Soup, which is pictured here. Depending on when you make your vegetable soup, you’ll want to consider the produce that’s in season and use those ingredients to build your recipe. Ahead, you’ll find our

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Budget-Friendly Dinner Recipes | Martha Stewart

Whether you’re trying to save for a home upgrade, new car, or just trying to be more budget-conscious in general, there are loads of ways you can cut costs at the grocery store and still eat plenty of delicious food. Our top tip? Familiarize yourself with these budget-friendly dinner recipes.

The only thing that isn’t cheap about these affordable dishes is their flavor. The secret to putting a fresh, satisfying meal on the table for less than the price of a delivery pizza is two-fold: First, all of these recipes excel at making the most of affordable proteins like eggs, ground meat, tofu, and canned items like beans and tuna. Next, you’ll find that our recipes seamlessly combine those proteins with affordable pantry and refrigerator staples like rice, pasta, barley and potatoes to go with them. The results are hearty, full meals that will never leave you feeling shortchanged

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30-Minute Spring Dinner Recipes | Martha Stewart

When spring arrives, everyone is ready to shrug off those protective winter layers and embrace the season of new beginnings. While this sentiment can apply to many aspects of life (including but not limited to closet organization), the focus here is what’s new on our dinner plates. After enduring late-winter doldrums, there’s just something especially exciting about cooking seasonally come springtime. A lot of what is on offer this time of year is of the green and delicate variety, such as fresh herbs like chives and cilantro, sugar snap peas, and asparagus, which stars with chicken sausage and cheesy grits in the fast dinner shown here. Perhaps another reason why we love seasonal spring recipes is that the influx of lighter, brighter things to eat not only matches the better weather, but our sunnier dispositions, too.

Why do we love quick dinners for spring? Now that the sun is shining

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