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Versatile and healthy, there’s a lot to like about salmon, which is why this favorite fish has inspired us to create so many delicious recipes for family-friendly weeknight meals. If you’re on the hunt for more healthy—but never boring!—salmon entrées to feed your family, then you’re in lucky. Here, you’ll find some of our very best healthy salmon recipes, including baked, broiled, pan-seared, sautéed, and steamed options.

What makes this beloved fish such a great option at dinnertime? Salmon is packed with omega-3s, selenium, and vitamins A and D. This fatty fish has 26 grams of protein per four-ounce serving, which can help you fill up, curb cravings, and stay satisfied. Then there is that color: The brilliant pink hue of a piece of salmon on your plate is so appetizing (after all, you eat with your eyes first!) and sets off any vibrant green vegetables you choose to pair

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The Best Salmon Recipes | Martha Stewart

Its rich flavor, beautiful red-orange flesh, and high levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, are just some of the reasons why salmon is the most popular fish in the U.S. Wild-caught salmon is the best-tasting and most environmentally friendly choice. We’re fans of Alaskan salmon, which is wild-caught then flash frozen and widely available in grocery stores and at fish markets. When you see fresh, not frozen, wild salmon for sale, it is usually fish that has been thawed.

Salmon is super simple to cook and so versatile, as you’ll see from this collection of recipes. You can use it in everything from hearty chowders to homemade sushi, and when either is made with baked—not raw fish—either is a family-friendly recipe that can be easily added to your weeknight dinner rotation. Our Roasted Salmon and Spring Onions with Mint-Caper Pesto, pictured here, is an impressive, delicious place

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How to cook salmon – Best ways to cook salmon

Salmon is an incredibly versatile fish, whether cooked simply, or paired with bold spices and flavours. Both hearty and delicate at the same time, it works well in many dishes, which explains its popularity; yet one common sight in commercial and home kitchens alike is that of stringy, dry salmon with sad bits still left stuck and abandoned in the bottom of frying pans.

If cooked properly, salmon can be amazing. It should ideally possess a crisp, crackly skin with moist, buttery flesh and a soft pleasant texture. The key to perfect salmon lies understanding the types of salmon, cooking methods, and the white stuff that congeal Keto Meal Delivery on the surface of the fish in the cooking process – albumin.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to cook salmon properly…

how to cook salmon

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Types of salmon

Salmon sold in supermarkets in the UK are generally categorised into

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