One-Pot Pasta Recipes for Dinner

One-pot meals may seem like just another internet food trend, but they’ve been around since the invention of pots, and we expect that they’re here to stay. This simple, clever method of cooking means you’re able to get dinner on the table with the least amount of collateral (dish) damage possible, which has made them been a favorite among our editors and readers. They’re versatile, too, as evidenced by the fact that our team has made one-pan dinners six ways from Sunday, and we still haven’t grown tired of them.

From quick sheet-pan suppers to Dutch-oven masterpieces, there are so many different methods of “one-pot” cooking to consider. If you’re asking us to choose just one favorite, though, then one-pot pastas would be the all-seasons winner in the weeknight dinner category: Comforting carbs are perfect for warming up bellies on a chilly night, but they can also be great for

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The Best Pasta Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

Pasta: It’s possibly the world’s most perfect comfort food. What could be more soothing and satisfying than a gooey bowl of mac and cheese or a plate of creamy spaghetti carbonara laced with chewy, smoky bits of pancetta?

It’s also possibly one of the world’s greatest convenience foods. Pasta is quick to cook and can serve as the base of a million and one quick and easy dinners. Just add a bit of protein (leftover chicken, diced ham, a can of chickpeas, or olive oil-packed tuna), some vegetables (frozen ones work great here), and a little bit of sauce (red sauce, pesto, cream, or the quick fresh tomato sauce with basil, garlic, and a few glugs of good olive oil that’s shown here) and dinner is done.

Of course, one of our other favorite things about pasta is that it’s such an excellent vehicle for cheese—fluffy piles of finely grated

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Capri Italian Restaurant offers scratch-made pasta, unique dining option inside ‘Italian Ice Caves’

INDIANAPOLIS — There’s something special about Italian food that brings people together. For over half a century, Capri has been one of Indy’s favorite Italian restaurants.

It was first established in 1951, then moved to its current location– tucked away at 2602 Ruth Drive just off Keystone Avenue — in the 1970’s.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the last few days of Devour Indy, planning a romantic Valentine’s Day date or you have always wanted to dine in one of those cool ice caves, then look no further.

We’re saying “Buon Appetito” on this tasty trip In Your Neighborhood.                   

Photo Credit: Capri Italian Restaurant Facebook page

“It’s just a place where people have come for generations. People have brought their kids here. Now their kids are bringing their kids here,” said General Manager Aaron Medenwald.

For decades, Capri Italian Restaurant has been a local staple thanks

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Lasagna and Baked Pasta Recipes

Lasagna and its baked pasta kin are ideal for everything from weeknight dinners to holiday entertaining. Not only do they feed a crowd, but the leftovers also reheat beautifully. From meat fillings to vegetable versions that will leave you satisfied, we’re sharing our most comforting, delicious, and family-friendly lasagna and baked pasta recipes to enjoy any night of the week.

Start with a staple, such as Lasagna with Meat Sauce. When you’re looking for the classic, meaty lasagna, this is the recipe to make. It’s easier than you expect because we use no-boil lasagna noodles, so all you need to do is layer them with marinara sauce, our three-cheese blend, and meat filling and bake the entire casserole in the oven. Each layer becomes piping hot and the noodles turn al dente by the time it finishes cooking. We also have several vegetarian lasagna and baked pasta recipes. Our Mushroom-Eggplant

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