First look at the mouthwatering Mexican food being served up at Sheffield’s newest vegan eatery

Herbert M. Pickett

We may be in the middle of yet another national lockdown but that did not stop the owners of Make No Bones, David Shaw and Lauren Hird, from teaming up with Sean O’Callaghan to open La Fonda on January 15.

La Fonda is located within the kitchen at The Tramshed’s premises at 53 Chesterfield Road, Heeley, and will form the popular bar’s food offering once pubs are permitted to reopen.

For now, La Fonda’s full menu – which includes Chorizo Sopes and Vegan Tinga Taco Dorado – is available for both collection and delivery from Friday to Sunday.

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Food from La Fonda on Chesterfield road in Heeley
Food from La Fonda on Chesterfield road in Heeley

Sean has spent the last 10 years travelling to Mexico City, Mexico and the genesis of La Fonda came about after speaking to David and Lauren about how much he

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Water Graves: Nightmare for Mexican Fishermen

Herbert M. Pickett
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MEXICO CITY, Feb 4 2021 (IPS) – All of Erizo’s nightmares are the same. Since his return from the ocean – almost unrecognizable – every bad dream is identical. A wave punches his little boat and throws him into the deep sea where everything is so dark that he can’t even see his own hands.

Rosi Orozco

Even when he swam with all his energy, this 31 year old fisherman was never able to set foot on the mainland and to him, the Mexican Pacific ocean slowly became a grave formed only of water.

When Erizo dies in his nightmare, he wakes up in real life, opening his mouth like a dying fish that desperately tries to gasp some air. Then, he and his wife are on a

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Chofi Tacos’ mouth-watering Mexican Birria Tacos arrive in New Jersey

Herbert M. Pickett
UNION CITY, New Jersey — The mouth-watering taste of Birria tacos has made its way from the state of Jalisco in Mexico to the streets of Union City, New Jersey.

The Mexican dish, which has recently gained popularity on social media, has become a specialty dish at Chofi Tacos, a Mexican restaurant founded by Kim and Patrick Flammia.

“My wife, who’s from Puebla, Mexico, had a background in Mexican cooking with her grandma and traveling in Mexico. I worked in LA and we both saw these tacos from Tijuana in LA called Birria which were really cool and tasted awesome,” said Flammia.

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The meaty and tasty tacos are traditionally served with consommé on the side, which people use to dip their tacos in for extra flavor.

The duo, which introduced their signature Birria

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TikTok pushes quesadillas beyond Mexican food

Herbert M. Pickett
Rudy Serrano's Spam Wrap

Rudy Serrano’s Spam Wrap

Since the second week of January, San Diegans noticed a shortage of giant-sized tortillas. The anomaly is partly due to the TikTok app, and its 3 billion and counting #tortillatrend hashtagged video views. It seems post-millennials and millennials, who make up more than 50 percent of the video-sharing app, are hoarding the near 20-inch flour and lard burrito-tortillas, then grilling them with cheese and, often, leftovers, inside.

Serrano posted a video on his TikTok, backed with the “Spam” country song by Muddy Boots and the Porch Pounders.

“People are scooping them up because of the challenge,” corroborated Rudy Serrano on January 25, “but I found some at Food Bowl Market and Deli.”

Serrano cooks at the Big Kitchen cafe on Grape Street in South Park, a half a mile north of the Cedar and Fern located supermarket.

“We downloaded the app because my five-year-old daughter likes

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