Junk farm laws, protests will spread to cities if deadlock persists, says Rahul

NEW DELHI: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi warned the government that protests would spread to cities if the deadlock with farmers was not resolved soon, even as he urged farmers to not budge an inch on their demands. He said the government should put the three laws in the “wastepaper basket”.

At a press conference, Rahul slammed the police action on farmers at the Singhu border and Ghazipur, saying what was being done to them was “absolutely criminal”. “We’re telling the farmers that we are with you, don’t step back even an inch,” he said.

He addressed his message to the “youth of the country” who he said should understand the implications of the three farm laws — explaining that they will end the agriculture markets, allow unlimited storage of grains to four-five big businessmen which would make it impossible for farmers to negotiate prices and ensure that farmers can’t move

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Junk food ad ban could harm Covid recovery, warns hospitality chief : CityAM

Plans to roll out a total ban on junk food advertising could hamper the hospitality industry’s recovery from the pandemic, a top industry boss has warned.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UK Hospitality, described the government’s decision to press on with consultations during lockdown as “tin-eared” and warned any new laws would deal a fresh blow to ailing pubs, restaurants and bars.

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“To think about tackling something as important as this, which would have a major operational impact when we come out the other side, at a time when industry is closed… seems odd to say the least,” she said.

Downing Street is preparing tough new restrictions on adverts for products high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS), including a 9pm TV ad watershed and a total ban on online adverts.

The proposed rules cover all forms

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Junk food still commonly available in schools, colleges: Govt survey

The information was collected through a series of questions to adolescents aged 15-17 years; the questions were related to the presence of canteen and the food items available

UPDATED ON JAN 27, 2021 10:23 AM IST

Even as the country’s top food regulator is in the process of drafting regulations to stop sale of junk food in and around schools, a government survey has found 88.2% adolescents reported availability of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) in their school and college canteens.

The information was collected through a series of questions to adolescents aged 15-17 years who attended school or college during 2017-18.

The questions were related to the presence of canteen and the food items available; also details on tobacco, alcohol, benefits of healthy diet and physical activity were collected as part of the National Non-Communicable Disease Monitoring Survey (NNMS) by the Indian Council of Medical Research-

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VEGAN JUNK FOOD BAR is Expanding Worldwide

Leading chain in Vegan Junk Food is looking for franchisees to roll out VJFB in all major cities

Amsterdam – 4th February, 2021 – The world’s most innovative Junk Food Bar is expanding its presence internationally with one mission: a global #vegantakeover!

Therefore VJFB is looking for qualified, well-capitalized foodservice franchisees with multiple units and solid practical experience in the foodservice segment to roll out the brand internationally.

To perpetuate global expansion, the company is actively looking for qualified franchisees. The ideal candidate has a track record of collaboration with international brands as distributor, partner, agent, franchisee or licensee and a strong financial background with knowledge of the local consumer market. VJFB is looking for candidates with a proven track record and success in the hospitality industry and the desire to develop at least 5 to 100 VJFB stores in their market area in the coming years. A passion for

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