Healthy One-Pot Meals | Martha Stewart

There’s a reason why one-pot meals are so popular—they’re family-friendly, easy to prep and clean up, and absolutely delicious. Did you know that they can be healthy, too? The one-pot meals in this collection ahead include spicy vegetarian stews, hearty chicken and rice dinners, and stir fry dishes like the quick, gluten-free meal shown here. In our Egg “Noodle,” Broccolini, and Mushroom Stir-Fry, the noodles are actually strips of omelet, which means it’s a protein-packed dinner that tastes as good as it looks. Whether you’re starting to act on a New Year’s resolution to eat better and cleaner or are just trying to incorporate a few new nutritious meals into your weekly dinner routine, these healthy one-pot recipes are sure to do the trick.

One of our most popular recipes of all time is our original One-Pan Pasta—pasta, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, and basil are cooked together, then tossed to

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Fresh, Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes | Martha Stewart

Indulge responsibly this Thanksgiving by preparing fresh, in-season sides and mains to balance the rest of the holiday feast. We aren’t suggesting you forgo butter or skip dessert, but we are certain that the holiday can be festive without dishes loaded with dairy, fats, and salt. Here, we’re sharing some seasonal recipes that are bursting with color and vibrant flavor to enhance the overall feast and make it a tad healthier.

The key to a fresher Thanksgiving dinner is hitting up the grocery store or farmers’ market and showcasing gorgeous fall produce. Of course, Brussels sprouts must be on the table; try pairing them with avocado and pumpkin seeds in a crunchy yet creamy salad rather than roasting them. That will free up oven space and give you a beautiful and unexpected dish. Instead of the usual green bean casserole, finish blanched green beans with miso and lemon or toss

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Healthy Halibut Recipes to Make for Dinner

A marvelous, meaty option, halibut is more luxurious than inexpensive mild white fish fillets like tilapia, haddock, or catfish. Like most fish, halibut is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids (approximately 740mg in one five- to six-ounce serving!), plus magnesium and niacin. Like many types of seafood, halibut pairs especially well with citrus, such as our recipe for Halibut with Grapefruit and Rosemary, pictured here. The fish is broiled and served with a generous drizzle of an earthy grapefruit syrup.

Halibut is also a fantastic fish to use in a mixed seafood stew, soup, or salad that calls for white fish. Because it’s meaty, it doesn’t fall apart or overcook easily when cooked. It’s a great option for an Italian-style cioppino that also features lobster, shrimp, squid, and cockles. With a delicate tomato broth and plenty of herbs, a superstar cioppino recipe will bring big flavor to the dinner table.


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15 Healthy Slow-Cooker Recipes for Cozy Winter Nights

The slow-cooker is one of our favorite kitchen appliances because it makes preparing dinner in one pot a breeze. Even better, while it’s busy cooking everything low and slow, we can forget about it for five or six hours. Many quintessential slow-cooker recipes are hearty comfort foods (think braised meats and stews, like the Slow-Cooker Ropa Vieja pictured here), which are perfect for winter. But a slow-cooker isn’t just for preparing meat. Case in point? We’re sharing recipes for our Slow-Cooker Indian-Style Fish Curry and even a few vegetarian entrées, such as Slow-Cooker White Bean Soup, to prove just how versatile this appliance is.

Even though you can use it for other meals, there’s no denying the fact that the slow-cooker is particularly adept at cooking large, tough pieces of meat. As they marinate with stock, herbs, vegetables, and other aromatics, cuts like pot roast, brisket, and short ribs transform

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