Easy Weeknight Chicken Dinner Recipes

Everyone loves chicken, and that’s at least partially due to the fact that this popular protein is endlessly versatile. But despite the fact that there are so many different ways to prepare chicken, it’s easy to fall into a weeknight dinner rut—if you find yourself habitually making the same chicken dishes week after week, we’re here to help. Here, we’re sharing some of our favorite weeknight recipes that highlight all the different ways to cook this protein and the best cuts to choose from.

From chicken cutlets—which are pictured here gussied up with artichokes and spinach in a creamy one-skillet dish inspired by your favorite dip—to chicken breasts—which we like steamed in a parchment parcel in the oven, a revelatory technique that maximizes flavor and minimizes the need for added fat—we have a number of inspired ways to make chicken for dinner any night of the week. If you’re looking

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Best Beef Dinner Ideas for Weekend Meals

Sunday is a time to unwind and also to get ahead on tasks for the coming week. It’s often a time to get together with friends and family, and many of us see Sunday dinners as an opportunity to make a meal that takes more time to cook than you can spare on a weeknight. One perfect example? A delicious beef dinner. Luckily, we have plenty of beef dinner ideas that are well-suited to weekend cooking: They’re perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons and include a mix of recipes that simmer slowly on the stovetop, braise in the oven, or use the pressure cooker to tenderize tougher cuts of beef. Short on time but still want a delicious beef dinner? We even have a few that come together quickly.

As for our favorites beef dinner ideas? We tend to like recipes that are versatile. Consider the Chile-Braised Beef, Two Ways, pictured

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Hearty Soup Recipes for Dinner

There’s nothing like a good, substantial soup to set you right at the end of a long day—it’s homey, comforting, and often makes for a great leftover lunch tomorrow. The soup recipes in this gallery are wonderfully wide-ranging, but every one of them is filling enough that it can stand on its own for dinner (though a side salad or a good loaf of bread is never a bad idea!).

The meaty options include two takes on chicken soup—one classic and one with a Peruvian twist that includes rice, potatoes and loads of zippy cilantro—as well as an Italian Wedding Soup that uses sausage instead of meatballs (a super-smart trick for busy cooks, since sausage is already seasoned). Time-pressed cooks will also love a wonton soup that doesn’t actually involve making any dumplings; rather, you drop broken wonton wrappers into the broth along with meatballs. All the traditional elements of

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Best Weeknight Dinner Recipes to Make in November

When November comes around, there’s one (big) meal on everyone’s minds: Thanksgiving dinner! Sure, nailing the perfect roast turkey recipe is important, but there are still 22 other weeknights to prepare a nighttime meal for this month. We understand that time is tight and things might be even busier than usual as you prep for Turkey Day, so we’re here to help you with delicious, easy dinner ideas just right for November evenings.

As always, we have meatless options for Monday night; you’ll find a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals that highlight seasonal ingredients like butternut squash and broccoli (give the Creamy Broccoli and White Bean Soup shown here a spin!). We’ve also got vegetable stir-fries, pastas, and a cozy (meat-free!) chili recipe, because who doesn’t want something warm and comforting on a cool autumn evening?

When we suggest weeknight dinner ideas, we select recipes that serve four and

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