Paddy Pimblett told piling on weight will “catch up with him” after junk-food binge

UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley has warned Pimblett that piling on weight after his fights will “catch up with him” later in his career after the Merseyside star gained around 45lbs after his victory at UFC London

Paddy Pimblett talks Jake Paul callout

Paddy Pimblett has been warned that piling on weight in between his UFC fights will “catch up with him” after ballooning to 200lbs.

The Merseyside star picked up his second consecutive victory with an opening round submission to defeat Kazula Vargas. Pimblett went on a junk-food binge in the aftermath of his latest success and tipped the scales at around 200lbs which represents a 45lb increase on his 155lb fight weight.

Despite the criticism, O’Malley admitted he also gets “faded” after his fights, but believes the rising star’s habits will not help his UFC career maintain sustainability. “He was 199 after his fight, right?,” O’Malley said on his BrO’Malley podcast. “Dude, it’s just me and Paddy are boys now through Twitch.

“He talked a little s*** about me, I talked a little s**t*about him. It just happened, it’s whatever. We’re boys now. With that being said, he cannot get that fat after each fight. It’s going to catch up. It’s going to f****** catch up. I can’t even talk, I get faded after my fights. So scratch that. On the weekends I get f***** up. I don’t get fat. My weight doesn’t get bad. Just being judgmental, we’re on a podcast.”

Pimblett weighed in at around 155lbs for his fight with Vargas which helped him complete a 40lb transformation. He had previously discussed his remarkable weight gains before his latest exploit, claiming that he would rather be “fat and happy” while not competing.

After recording his second victory with the promotion, Pimblett went on a food binge of around 11,000 calories which included a pizza he ate in the immediate scenes at the post-fight press conference. This came just two days after his fight when he admitted he would be able to get the weight off after returning to training.

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Paddy Pimblett weighs around 201lbs just two weeks after his UFC London victory

“I had a little two weeks off last time, but I’m getting back in the gym in the morning so I won’t be too fat,” he said. “I eat so many calories it’s unbelievable, on Monday I actually gauged what I ate and I had 10,700 calories. That’s without me doing a food challenge, that’s just me being a fat b******.”

Pimblett claimed before the fight that he would avoid needing to take a drastic cut after his second outing, but he will now need to trim another 45lbs after failing to fulfil his plan. The 27-year-old showed fans footage of tipping the scales at 200lbs alongside his larger physique, and said: “I am eating like a king. Resting that ACL lad getting fat. That belly is back.”

Despite having a potential knock on effect on his UFC career, Pimblett is focused on his current exploits and is continuing to attract a growing fanbase. However he has faced criticism from fans after refusing to fight any contender in the top 15 until he receives more lucrative financial reward.

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