Our Most Popular One-Pot Dinner Recipes

If there were a popularity contest for one-pot meals, the 20 recipes we’ve gathered here would all be strong contenders for the crown. You’d probably be hard pressed to settle on just one winner, though, and that’s because they’re so varied. Simply put, in the world of one-pot cooking, there really is something for every taste and every mood.

For traditional offerings, soups and stews don’t disappoint. Some of these one-pot recipes are ready in a half hour or even less, while others take some time to simmer and let the flavor develop, but all are filling, delicious, and true to their one pot descriptions. There are also a trio of pasta dinners where you boil the noodles and cook the vegetables all in one pot—a non-traditional method to be sure, but one that works surprisingly well and leaves you with only one pot to clean (cheers to that). Of course, you likely already know and love our original One-Pan Pasta, pictured here: It’s everyone’s perennial favorite, but we’re also especially fond of our Lemony Pasta with Goat Cheese and Spinach, where creamy goat cheese makes its own sauce, and lemon’s fresh brightness makes it pop.

There are also a slew of roasted or skillet meals that combine meats—from a whole chicken to bite-size pieces of chicken and sausage—with vegetables and sometimes rice, too. There are spins on paella and jambalaya, and even a seafood boil that makes for one of the most fun one-pot meals you can make. To round out this stellar collection, there are also some very clever takes on one-pot meals, including two different spins on fried rice, an eggs-on-toast masterpiece, and a savory porridge.

Take these most popular one-pot recipes for a spin one night soon—we think you’ll be adding them to your weeknight rotation shortly after.

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