Our Favorite Bacon Recipes for Dinner

Bacon is irresistibly savory, salty, and all-around delicious. Sure, it’s wonderful paired with eggs and cheese between an English muffin or bagel at breakfast, but there’s more to it than that. Bacon can be a superstar side dish (see the Baked Thick-Cut Bacon with Rhubarb Chutney that’s pictured here) or the main event; either way, we’ll never stop singing its praises.

As mentioned, bacon is a staple for breakfast and brunch, but here we’re focusing on the wonders that it brings to dinner. Add bacon to a few of our favorite pasta recipes, including an even silkier, creamier twist on spaghetti carbonara with thyme and a summer-inspired succotash recipe that’s bound to please every single member of your family. We’ve even created an out-of-this-world ravioli recipe that features a single large egg-filled ravioli served with sautéed greens and bacon.

Did you know that bacon also works wonders at barbecues? Serve it with grilled hot dogs for a double dose of pork, or layer it over homemade baked beans when you want to add even more salty, smoky flavor to this classic summer side dish. If you love the nature of loaded baked potatoes, you’ll devour our bacon recipe inspired by this over-the-top side dish. Still hungry? Amp up Grandma’s classic meatloaf with strips of bacon draped over the top of the loaf before baking it, or mix it into rich cheddar biscuits for a super savory side dish.

Ahead, see our favorite ways to enjoy the magic ingredient that is bacon well after the breakfast dishes have been cleared.

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