Japan’s 2Foods Raises $4.4 million To Develop Healthy Junk Food

While eating healthier food options is something everyone wants to do, it is easier said than done. Even the most determined of people tend to break their diet every once in a while on those “cheat days”. Then there are dietary preferences that aren’t always easy, such as when people find it difficult to source junk food in the vegan or plant-based food segment. Brands like 2Foods in Japan are working to aid our quest for nutritious substitutes in the junk food segment. This “healthy junk food” is a concept by the budding Tokyo-based plant-based firm that was established in April 2021. 

How 2Foods was first incepted

In 2020, the Japanese government took a conscientious decision in the best interest of combatting climate change by announcing that the alternative-meat market was taking off and declaring it an “important sector”. Following this wake-up call, a business based in Tokyo named TWO forayed into the vegan food market with the launch of a wholly plant-based food brand. This was given the name 2foods. The freshly launched brand focussed on exploring over 60 varieties of plant-based foods, desserts, and drinks, which was wonderful news for vegans in Japan and beyond.

2Foods, insists that they are now working on creating healthy options and alternatives to junk food that millennials crave today. 

They sought funding for their “healthy junk food”

2Foods is looking to increase its retail offerings with new stores in 2022. Also, on the agenda for the company is to team up with other corporations to source food ingredients and even develop plant-based processed foods. Therefore, to further this objective, Japan’s 2Foods publicized a Series A funding round for its “healthy junk food.” Shortly, thereafter, TWO Inc., the parent company of Japanese plant-based food brand 2foods proclaimed that they raised USD 4.4 million in Series A from Kagome Corporation. This alliance offers an interesting opportunity for the brand to grow and offer intriguing products in the plant-based foods segment.

A promising business alliance was struck

It was in April 2021 itself that TWO determined it was in their best interests to develop a wide-ranging business alliance contract with Kagome. So that they could collaborate on creating products in a setting that encouraged transparency, invention and used the assets of both businesses. For the uninitiated, Kagome Corporation is a renowned brand in the country for it has a leading spot in not just the Japanese market, but the Asian market. It holds over 60% of the Japanese domestic market share when it comes to anything from tomato ketchup and vegetables to delectable fruit juices.

Now, after the round of investment, TWO will generate collaborations by consolidating their bond with Kagome to hasten progress for the plant-based processed food business. Their work in Japan would hopefully build a commercial groundwork for the plant-based brand 2foods.

Growing a plant-based business for processed foods

Kagome Corporation is regarded as the biggest producer in Japan for processed tomato products. They encouraged the Series A round for Tokyo-based 2Foods. Now, the two are working together in a partnership to devise products and grow a plant-based business for processed foods.

Yoshio Yahagi of TWO inc. says, “Since April 2021, we have been able to collaborate with Kagome with a sense of speed, taking advantage of each other’s strengths from idea planning to product development. We were very surprised by the strong sense of unity between Kagome’s management team and the frontline, and the flexibility and speed of the project, which was different from the image we had imagined for a large company. “

“This investment will bring us even closer together, and we are excited to start developing innovative products that will lead the plant-based food market based on a strong relationship of trust,” he elucidates. 

Looking at their long-term goals, TWO reveals that it hopes to be the one-stop destination for delicious plant-based food and be well-known around the globe for being a brand that was incepted in Japan. This is indeed good news for people all over the world as struggling with a diet can become a whole lot easier if you can switch to healthy junk food that also happens to be plant-based!


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