Italian steakhouse proposed for subdivision at former Victor’s Italian Cuisine property

A subdivision with two lots that includes an Italian steakhouse is proposed for the vacant Victor’s Italian Cuisine property at 1639 Broadway.

Attorney Richard Magnan appeared before the Planning Board on Jan. 7 to share his client Maddy’s Place LLC’s intention to divide the 1639 Broadway parcel into two lots that feature a cul-de-sac entranceway.

Magnan said the preliminary subdivision plan calls for the existing Victor’s Italian Cusine building to be demolished and the construction of a new restaurant.

The end use for the other lot has yet to be determined, Magnan said.

A liquor license is attached to the 1639 Broadway site, Magnan said, adding that a restaurant must be built in order to activate the license.

In October 2019, the Board of Selectmen voted 5-0 to transfer an all alcohol common victualer’s license from Victor’s Italian Cuisine to Saugus Rte 99, LLC.

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