Ido Fishman Suggests Ways to Become a Better Chef

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Do you want to become a good chef? There are a ton of people out there who cook, but most of them hit the average mark. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to move beyond it. You will find plenty of them who want to get better and be able to make more delicious and tastier food. But, how do you improve your skills? Ido Fishman is an expert and has suggested some ways that can help you in becoming a better chef. What are these? Read on to know:

  1. Cooking is easier when you have onion and garlic already peeled, and even chopped, in your fridge. As soon as you get back from grocery shopping, you should wash as many fruits and vegetables as possible before you put them in the fridge. This can eliminate the laziness that you often encounter at the thought of cooking because you will have to wash everything.
  2. You can extend the life of your greens, as per Ido Fishman, if you wash, dry and then wrap them in a paper towel or dishcloth before you put them in the fridge. They can actually last two weeks longer and they will also be ready for you to just grab and use them to cook.
  3. Don’t put all the salt in your food at once if you want to adjust it. Instead, Ido Fishman recommends that you add it bit by bit and always taste, when you are cooking your meal. This will give the food a chance to incorporate and absorb the salt and reduces the possibility of your food turning out bland or over-salted.
  4. Ido Fishman Chef suggests that you grate cold butter with a cheese grater when you are trying to make a cake. The butter needs to be at room temperature to help the cake rise well. However, if you forget to leave it out of the fridge, you can simply grate it in the same way as you would do the cheese. It will be at room temperature within minutes and your cake will rise happily.
  5. You can keep the moisture and insects out of your flour if you store it in the freezer. A lot of moisture is absorbed by the flour and this will change the weight when you are measuring it for your recipe.
  6. Are you tired of your cutting board sliding around? Ido Fishman suggests that you place a damp paper towel under it so it doesn’t slide around the counter. Prepping those veggies will become a lot safer this way.
  7. Read the recipe through the end before you start preparing it. You don’t want to find out later that there was some prepping that has to be done when you are halfway through the cooking process. Know the requirements beforehand and it can save you a lot of time and effort.
  8. Maintain a small herb garden at home. Ido Fishman says that fresh spices can really make a huge difference in the taste of your dishes. You can enhance any food with fresh ingredients and any container where you add a bit of soil comes with great potential for growing herbs.
  9. Keep the flame very low if you are after making the perfect fried egg that boasts a runny yolk. You should let it fry little by little and experts like Ido Fishman say that the egg will be ready when the egg white turns opaque.
  10. Homemade bread crumbs are going to taste a lot better than the ones you buy at the store. Ido Fishman suggests that you let the bread you have go stale, then grate and dry it out at 200 degrees in an oven. Stir it every few minutes and not let it change color.

With the help of these 10 tricks, you will be able to become a much better chef than before.

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