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Versatile and healthy, there’s a lot to like about salmon, which is why this favorite fish has inspired us to create so many delicious recipes for family-friendly weeknight meals. If you’re on the hunt for more healthy—but never boring!—salmon entrées to feed your family, then you’re in lucky. Here, you’ll find some of our very best healthy salmon recipes, including baked, broiled, pan-seared, sautéed, and steamed options.

What makes this beloved fish such a great option at dinnertime? Salmon is packed with omega-3s, selenium, and vitamins A and D. This fatty fish has 26 grams of protein per four-ounce serving, which can help you fill up, curb cravings, and stay satisfied. Then there is that color: The brilliant pink hue of a piece of salmon on your plate is so appetizing (after all, you eat with your eyes first!) and sets off any vibrant green vegetables you choose to pair it with. We’re particularly fond of a side of asparagus, as seen in the Miso Salmon with Asparagus and Carrots shown here. What’s more, salmon’s rich, full flavor stands up to bold ingredients or can hold its own when used in simpler cooking preparations. There’s no need for creamy sauces or cheesy toppings because salmon has a lot going for it.

Small fillets are the cuts we use most, they and salmon steaks cook quickly, another reason they make good weeknight dinners or less-stress entrées for entertaining. Try them in sheet-pan suppers, such as our Wild Salmon with Edamame-Cauliflower Rice, or in a hearty stew, such as our Smoky Salmon-and-Potato iteration. And this wouldn’t be a healthy recipes gallery without some salad—trust us, these are not to be overlooked. Whether you prepare something like our Curried Lentil-Salmon Salad (salmon plus fiber-rich lentils, protein-packed Greek yogurt, and warming curry spices make this an all-around winner) or the classy Grilled Salmon Salad that pairs our favorite fish with new potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, sugar-snap peas, and watercress, we’re here to tell you that your favorite fish pairs exceptionally well with greens.

All of these recipes truly make it easy—and delicious—to eat healthy.

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