Guide to the Different Types of Restaurants

Your Guide to the Different Types of Restaurants - Deputy

Various types of restaurants are being opened now and then. You can find restaurants that offer both local and foreign cuisines while exploring your neighbourhood by car. It is fun to be able to try the food of different cuisines at various types of restaurants in your outing. The following are 6 types of restaurants.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine dining restaurants are designed for people who want to dine out on special occasions like anniversary, and wedding. In a fine dining restaurant, you must dress according to the formal dress code. The high-end decor in the interior design creates a formal atmosphere. The staff will follow certain etiquette when serving the customers. Fine dining restaurants offer unique as well as exotic menus that you will never find anywhere else.

Casual Dining Restaurant

Casual dining restaurants have a casual, laid back dining atmosphere. There is no dress code and you can dress casually when visiting the restaurant. The menu is moderately priced. Many casual restaurants have televisions installed in the dining area. The best restaurant in Arlington is popular with families or the younger generation. There are usually 1 – 3 waiters serving the customers.

Family Style Restaurant

Family style restaurants offer large shareable platters in their menus. Guests usually pass around the platter on the table to share the food. The guests don’t order their food individually. Rather, big meal order is made and everyone shares the same food. For example, unlimited breadsticks and salads can be served in a large platter to one table. It is ideal for small to mid-sized family groups in the range of 10 – 50 persons.

Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food restaurants focus on delivering meals to the customer table in a minimal timeframe. Many fast-food restaurants offer food delivery and drive-thru services. Food is usually served in disposable containers and paper food trays. The menus largely consist of processed food like French fries, chips, and hamburgers. Fast food restaurants feature a layout with a casual and family-friendly ambience.


Cafe, also known as a coffee house, is a small restaurant that serves small food items. Almost all cafes have an espresso machine for making coffee and cappuccino. They usually offer a wide range of buns, pastries, cakes. In recent times, cafes are changing and extending their food selection. Some cafes have a patio outdoor area where customers can sip their coffees. The cafe is the perfect place for people to hang out during lunch break and after work.

Buffet Restaurant

Buffet restaurants offer a wide selection of food choices in a buffet-style server. Buffet restaurants may charge a flat price and let customers take all they can eat in a single platter. Some charge different price ranges depending on the type of food you choose. Most of the buffet-style restaurants are Asian origins such as Korean, Chinese or Indian. Buffet restaurants usually offer modest to an extensive selection of food choices. Buffet restaurants have a casual ambience with elegant interior design.

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