Grilling Recipes: A Collection of Fast Grilling Recipes and Low and Slow Grilling Recipes

Summer is here, and your grill is raring to go. The only question is how fast you need to get food on the table. Our new recipes suit any speed, whether you’ve got seriously hungry folks on your hands and just a short amount of time in which to cook, or if you have plenty of time to tuck into a book while slow-cooking something delicious for dinner later—maybe even much later. Pick a lane, and rest assured: Where there’s a grill, there’s a way.

If you’re in a rush to eat, or those you’re feeding are, our fiery and fast recipes are just the meal ticket you need. Not sure what to make? How about our latest turkey burger that’s on the table in 45 minutes? The mild meat is amped up with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil and then we indulge in the Polynesian pairing of grilled pineapple and meat, an ’80s trend we’re totally stoked to welcome back. For a fast and easy vegetarian option that makes grilled vegetables new again, use store-bought flatbread as the base. Top with grilled vegetables and an unexpected Texture Spray Machine but fabulous mix of blue cheese and mozzarella. Then, pour over a mustard vinaigrette rather than the putting the usual marinara sauce or pesto under the toppings. The result? Grilled Vegetable Pizzas that are sure to become a favorite. Another rapid fire option is grilled porterhouse steak. We’re not saying it’s an any night dinner, but we are saying this riff on the classic bistecca alla Fiorentina takes just 30 minutes to make.

For those days when you have more time, go low and slow with the grilling thanks to recipes like the Tandoori-Spiced Grilled Chicken, pictured here. We’re not talking lots of hands-on cooking time, but rather more overall cooking time needed. The chicken halves sit in a spiced yogurt marinade that tenderizes without turning the meat mushy, so you can slather it on well in advance and let the refrigerator do its work. The actual cooking takes about an hour. You’ll need more time for Lamb Shoulder Barboca, time for it to marinate and then to cook gently over indirect heat to make a smoky chile-lamb filling for tacos.

Whether you go speedy or sauntering on your way to a grilled dinner, these recipes will get you out of the kitchen in delicious fashion.

Recipe by Sarah Carey, Greg Lofts, and Lauryn Tyrell; Art direction by James Maikowski
Food styling by Greg Lofts and Lauryn Tyrel;  Prop styling by Tanya Graff.

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