Chicken Thigh Recipes for Quick Weeknight Dinners

Few proteins are quite as versatile as chicken. While chicken breasts are probably your family’s go-to protein during the week, we’re making the case for preparing chicken thighs on busy evenings, too. Because of their higher fat content, thighs are loaded with flavor and tend to be more forgiving than breasts—they’re harder to overcook or dry out. What’s more, they’re quick-cooking and more affordable than white meat, which makes them an all-around winner for busy families looking to eat well and stick to a budget. And once you’ve seen all of the mouthwateringly delicious chicken thigh recipes our food editors have created, adding this protein to your weeknight dinner repertoire is a no-brainer. 

If you’re looking for an easy meal to add to your weeknight dinner menu, then give the Chicken with Herbed Pea Purée and Spinach, pictured here, a try. It takes just 35 minutes (including prep time!) to make and is loaded with nutrients. If you want to get dinner on the table quick, chicken thighs are the protein you need: Most of our recipes come together in one hour or less, and the result is a fast, satisfying dinner that the entire family will enjoy. 

It’s important to note that chicken thighs can be used in just about any recipe that might otherwise call for breasts: slather them in barbecue sauce before cooking them on the grill, shred them into your favorite soups, or coat them in panko breadcrumbs before baking for a delightfully crunchy dish. The options truly are endless. Plus, whether you like to sauté, use an Instant Pot, fry, or bake your way to a delicious dinner, you’re in luck: There’s no wrong way to prepare chicken thighs, and we have recipes that cover every cooking method in the slides ahead.

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