Chicken Dinner Recipes for Spring

Spring is here and it’s time to look at the lighter and brighter side of one of the most popular dinner proteins: chicken. Freshen up your dinner routine with these spring chicken recipes, which are packed with peak season produce like asparagus, peas, green beans, and fresh herbs. And to ensure your chicken dinners remain exciting, never boring, we pair the protein with a host of different flavors, to create delicious, healthy dishes you and your family will look forward to eating. Another reason why we love chicken for dinner? This lean protein isn’t just loved for its versatility—it’s also easy and fast. To make your life even easier on those busy spring days, we even made sure that most of these recipes could be cooked in one pot.

Chicken dinners mean different things to different families. One of our favorite meals to make for spring are eye-popping poached chicken sandwiches, which are topped with pops of color from crunchy snap peas, thinly sliced radishes, and cooling mint. It’s all held together with a creamy pea, almond, and ricotta purée. For a plate brimming with spring green, cook up our Chicken with Herbed Pea Purée and Spinach recipe, pictured here. It’s a comforting chicken dinner that’s loaded with vegetables and super crave-worthy.

Then explore chicken recipes for spring dinners that come together in just one-pot or pan. We figured out just the right timing to cook a warm quinoa salad filled with chicken, asparagus, and peas all in one saucepan, and it’s a dish that can be enjoyed warm or cooled and served later. For next-level pan-roasted chicken, season drumsticks with the flavorful spice mix, za’atar, and roast alongside potatoes and wilted greens. It’s truly one of our favorite sheet pan dinners.

Lastly, explore different techniques for getting chicken done right, each showing a subtly different side of this favorite meat. Braising is a fantastic way to cook skin-on, bone-in chicken pieces, keeping the meat tender, moist, so flavorful. Try it in a briny artichoke and olive broth. You can also keep chicken breasts super moist and tender by poaching them in buttermilk and serving the meat sliced with a crisp salad and hearty dressing. If you’re ready to turn up the heat, cook diced chicken in a fast and easy lemon chicken stir fry with charred green beans and gentle gingery notes.

No matter which recipe you select, these colorful preparations show chicken in its best light, perfectly cooked and paired with fresh seasonal vegetables. Read on and celebrate the welcomed change of season at your dinner table with these spring chicken recipes.

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