MI SU Street Food’s ‘eclectic and fun’ Mexican fusion menu debuts downtown

Herbert M. Pickett

Only good things can come from a business built on a foundation of freshly made flour tortillas. 

MI SU Street Food doesn’t literally have tortillas for tires, but owners Alden and Hylene Garcia build a lot of their out-of-the-box, Mexican-style menu items around their authentic, homemade tortillas. 

“We knew fresh tortillas was something missing in Pensacola,” Alden Garcia said. “Our LLC name is literally ‘One Taco At A Time,’ so we’re trying to keep one taco on the menu at all times. And we’ll have a breakfast taco on it daily, too.” 

Alden Garcia said some of his recipes are fusion-style while others are so off-the-wall that he can’t even really categorize them. 

► Downtown food hall coming soon: Downtown Pensacola food hall, event space and entertainment complex planned for 2022

“I mean, I’ll put chorizo on a burger, that’s one of them. We’re doing a ‘Huevo Roll,’ which

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Metro Phoenix’s Berto’s-Style Fast Food and Drive-Thru Mexican Restaurants

Herbert M. Pickett


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What is a “-berto’s?” It doesn’t take much driving around to encounter countless examples. Roliberto’s, Poliberto’s, Raliberto’s, Eriberto’s — these charmingly divey Mexican fast food joints aren’t for the elaborate-post-gentrification-style taco set, nor are they likely to satisfy authentic Mexican food purists. They exist in some alternate fast-food utopia where huge portions come incredibly cheap, ingredients are prepared daily, and weather-beaten exteriors serve not as a deterrent but as a signal of all of the above.

They’re also the subject of much folklore, with the various Roli’s and Poli’s rumored to actually be franchises of some larger corporation dodging income taxes or, even harder to prove, some sort of money-laundering fronts. More likely, the “-berto’s” suffix characterizes an ever-growing list of copycats looking to cash in on the reputation

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LA Restaurants Want You To Celebrate The Super Bowl With Take-out

Herbert M. Pickett

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – As the Super Bowl approaches this Sunday on CBS and outdoor dining resumes in Los Angeles, local restaurants are asking customers to celebrate on-the-go.

L.A. health officials have discouraged people from gathering at dining establishments to watch the game, even banning outdoor televisions at restaurants.

But many restaurants are still offering take-out options so you can celebrate with your favorite foods.

If you’re looking for delicious Mexican food to eat while you watch the Buccaneers square off against the Chiefs, El Cholo’s chimichanga platter and margaritas in half-gallon jugs could be for you.

“When you watch the Super Bowl, you need chips and guac and you need pico de gallo,” said one restaurant manager.

The restaurant has two locations, one on Western Avenue and another on Flower Street in Los Angeles.

For those that want to watch Tom Brady take on Patrick Maholmes while eating

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Nutrition program offering migrants culturally sensitive food choices thrives during pandemic

Herbert M. Pickett

Growing up, Leila Cassandra Bocanegra, 26, was used to eating the traditional Mexican food her parents, immigrants from Monterrey, would make. She acknowledges that some of the food, consisting of lots of tortillas and breads and meats, were heavy. 

graphical user interface, application: Iluminada Vilca (highlighted) offers nutrition education courses via Zoom for migrants who would otherwise not have access to the program.

© Iluminada Vilca, Cornell Cooperative Extension Monroe County
Iluminada Vilca (highlighted) offers nutrition education courses via Zoom for migrants who would otherwise not have access to the program.

But with the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx) run by Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension in Monroe County running several clinics in the Finger Lakes, Bocanegra and her family have learned that it’s possible to eat healthy while also eating foods with cultural significance. 

“You can still have the food you love, but you need to read nutritional labels, and have balance,” said Bocanegra. 

The Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program is a federal initiative started in 2014 which looks to make fruit

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