Best Vegan Main Dish Recipes

There’s a common misconception out there that preparing a vegan meal will require a lot of time in the kitchen and an expensive, exhaustive list of ingredients. In actuality, a plant-based diet can be quick, affordable, and even cheerful if you find the right recipe. Consider our Brothy Beans and Greens on Toast, pictured here. If you have a hunk of bread and a can of beans in your pantry, then you’re already halfway to a delicious and downright fancy-feeling meal in minutes.

In a vegan diet where meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy are left out of the equation, there can sometimes be a feeling of panic that the meal is not “complete” enough. But when developed with care like our recipes featured here, you’ll never have to worry about being hungry an hour later. That’s because so much consideration has been given to the different forms of plant-based proteins, which are essential to a healthy vegan diet. In our Cauliflower-Sweet Potato Curry, for example, nutritious vegetables like cauliflower, baby spinach, and zucchini, will practically melt in your mouth after simmering in a rich coconut milk broth, but it’s the handful of frozen shelled edamame tossed in that will provide a boost of that all-important protein to keep you feeling full.

So, whether you’re already a seasoned vegan or you’re dipping your toe in the pond of plant-based cuisine for the first time, the recipes ahead aim to inspire you to fill your cart with whole, nutritious foods like fresh vegetables, hearty grains, and exciting new spices.

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