BARK is offering a Junk Food collection of dog toys that’s guilt free

We love when the BarkShop, BarkBox, and the BARK toys offer us a play on something we already know and love. And one of their newest collections of dog toys does just that, but with food! Of course, it’s not just any food, it’s junk food!

While we often think of junk food as guilty eats (see our sister site of the same name for such treats for people), in the case of these new BARK dog toys, there is no guilt to be had. Available at Target stores and on their website in the Pet Shop, this collection leans into the fun of junk food for the appropriately named BARK Junk Food Dog Toy Collection!

So what all can our pups get in this collection? And what makes these dog toys so cute that we have to snag at least one or two to spoil our dogs with.

There is currently a BARK Junk Food Dog Toy Collection you can pick up at Target

While it is not a large collection, it is an adorable one. And the toys that make up the collection are,

  • The BARK Toaster Pastry Dog Toy – Pup Tart (We saw this one at the local Target today and it is ridiculously cute.)
  • The Soda Bottle Dog Toy – Corgi-Cola (Another cute one thanks to the name especially.)
  • The BARK Sandwich Cookie Dog Toy – Dogo Dunkers (Who needs Oreos when you can have Dogo Dunkers?)
  • The Chip Stack Dog Toy – Flingles Can (Move over Pringles, it’s time for some Flingles!)
  • The BARK Animal Crackers Squeakers Snacks Dog Toy (These are ridiculously cute too.)
  • The Corn Chips Beagle Snacks Dog Toy (I love seeing Bugles getting love in this way and I bet our dogs do too.)

Honestly, this is the kind of junk food we can get behind. On top of the cute factor, this is another great opportunity to get those pups some toys!

Have you seen the Junk Food Dog Toy collection in a store near you? Have you picked up any of these toys for your dog yet? We want to know.

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