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Whether you head there first thing in the morning, late at night, or somewhere in between, diner menus have pages and pages of delicious, satisfying food. But you don’t need to head out the door to enjoy the comfort of diner food; with our recipes, you can make them in your own kitchen.

Start your day with a stack of pancakes topped with a pat of butter and drizzled with maple syrup. We have three classic recipes that you can make from scratch—our traditional Test Kitchen’s Favorite Buttermilk Pancakes, a blueberry-studded version, and the Gluten-Free Buttermilk Pancakes that are pictured here. The latter is made with brown rice flour, potato starch, and xantham gum, making this a safe treat for anyone who is gluten-intolerant or has celiac disease. Of course, what would pancakes be without their other half, Buttermilk Waffles? Our recipe ensures crispy, golden brown waffles every time.

Diners offer so much more than just breakfast food. For a diner-inspired dinner the whole family can get behind, make the all-American classic that is our Test Kitchen’s Favorite All-Beef Meatloaf. There’s nothing fussy or over the top about this recipe, but a few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and chopped fresh thyme leaves take the flavor to the next level. To prevent the meatloaf from drying out, mix the ground beef, chopped vegetables, breadcrumbs, and herbs by hand just until lightly incorporated. But we also know that no diner menu is complete without several salad recipes. Here you’ll find our recipes for Perfect Caesar Salad, an Easy Cobb Salad, and a hearty Greek Salad. Serve them as a starter or a side dish.

From savory breakfast options (think a Classic Cheese Omelet and Quick Fried Chicken and Waffles) to essential add-ons like Fried Bacon and Hash Browns, make these diner recipes at home whenever you’re in the mood for a no-fuss meal.

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