7 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid

Now more than ever, people want to eat healthily. People are very much aware that the essence of food doesn’t end on the tongue. Our dietary choices play a significant role in the functioning of the body. People are the nerve of commerce; therefore, it goes without saying that healthy people build industrial communities. How good is commerce in France? You can access independent reviews on Amon Avis.

Since food is the body’s primary nourishment, it is important that we eat right. These days, a lot of people are laying off soda and junk food. Although commendable, that is still not enough. To maintain a healthy diet, refraining from junk is not sufficient. Since most people order food, it is important to patronize catering services that offer excellent services. You can check out customer reviews on Pour de Bon to help with your choice.

One factor that is often ignored is food combinations. Food is good, but certain combinations can prove harmful to the body. Here are some food combinations you should avoid:

1.      Tomatoes in pasta:

Pictures of pasta garnished with slices of tomatoes are not hard to come by on the internet. As nice as the Italian delight looks to the eye, it is harmful to the body. Pasta is high in starch. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are acidic. This combination stresses the digestive system and makes it do twice as much work as it should.

2.      Fruit after meals:

To maintain a balanced diet, we replace sweets with pineapples and oranges for dessert. Although fruits are indeed a healthier alternative, it is harmful to eat them right after a full meal. Fruits do not require digestion. Thus, they cause the other food to sit long in the stomach, leading to bloating. This is why it is advised to take fruits on an empty stomach.

3.      Eggs and bacon:

Although considered a breakfast classic, it is not the kind of meal to have if you want energy all day. Eggs are very high in protein. Combined with the fat content in bacon, they can provide instant energy. However, this energy is only momentary. Before long, you burn out. A rule of thumb in weight loss programs is to eat well at breakfast. Eggs and bacon create the illusion of satisfaction. When you become weak midday, you might be tempted to eat junk to make up for the lost energy. 

4.  Cereal and Juice:

Like all the others, this combination appears healthy. Cereal is an instant meal. All we need to do is throw cereal in a bowl and down it with fruit juice. We do this because we need glucose to start the day. However, the acid content in fruit juice (especially orange juice) slows down the digestion of carbohydrates. This leaves us slow and lethargic.

5.      Meat and potatoes:

Meat and potatoes are high in animal protein and starch respectively. The absence of fiber in the combination of these classes of foods can lead to digestive discomfort and flatulence. If you want to avoid the embarrassing event of passing wind in public, stay away.

6.      Yoghurts and fruits:

Yummy is the word that comes to mind at the thought of this combination. Is it healthy though? No. The action of the bacteria present in yogurt acts on the sugar in the fruits. Not only is that toxic, but it could also trigger allergies.

7.      Cheese and meat:

Proteins do not digest easily. So, when you combine two meals that are very high in protein, there is only one outcome: slow digestion.

So, yes, improper food combinations can cause a lot of trouble. As we spend time planning office outfits, making sure the color of our ties fit the shoe, let us spare time to properly plan our diet too.

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