26 Vegetable Casserole Recipes That Are Guaranteed Crowd-Pleasers

Vegetable casseroles have come a long way since the days of simple green beans and cheese baked in a casserole dish. Now, friends and family will look forward to the unique and mouthwatering aromas of these dishes that feature ingredients far beyond the ordinary, just like the Broccoli Cheddar Hash Brown Casserole pictured here. Best of all, you serve one of these nutrient-rich vegetable casseroles as either the meal’s main attraction or as a hearty side. Incorporate bold seasonings like thyme, sage, and red-pepper flakes for a powerful punch to your menu. To help you work more casseroles into your weeknight dinner rotation, we’re sharing a selection of our favorites, including innovative twists on classic recipes—just wait until you see how we update traditional green bean casserole with bacon or artichokes for a new taste.

Whip up our savory Mushroom and Celery-Root Bread Pudding full of fresh thyme, sharp blue cheese, and wild mushrooms, and watch as it becomes a new family favorite. If you’re looking to make a filling and indulgent twist on the classic vegetable casserole, try placing homemade gruyere biscuits atop baked cherry tomatoes with red-pepper flakes, onions, and garlic. This hearty cool-weather choice is a modern take on a savory cobbler.

While many vegetable casseroles feature rich ingredients, we have plenty of options for those wishing for a lighter flavor profile. For instance, try the Tomato-Onion Casserole, which is ideal for warmer spring months thanks to its use of sweet roasted tomatoes and onions. No need to use decadent cheeses to make a delicious dish. The dairy-free and colorful Autumn Tian is another appetizing option—and is the perfect way to show off your knife skills with thin even slices of beets, potatoes, and tomatoes for a meal that is as tasty as it is bright.

From eggplant parmesan to Turnip and Sweet Potato Gratin, find an inventive and delicious dish from our repertoire that you’re going to want to make again and again.

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