25-year-old Tuckbox of Terror Contents Prove Junk Food Really Is Junk

Toolbox contains biscuits, snacks, sweets, bread, bagels and wraps

25 year old junk food is not even to the taste of bacteria.

Biscuits, cakes & snacks still going strong despite lying around for a quarter century

UNITED KINGDOM, May 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Looking the same as we did 25 years ago might be a dream for most people, but for biscuits, snacks and bread, it demonstrates just how unnatural they are.

Therapist and best-selling author Marisa Peer has kept a box of biscuits, cakes, bread and snacks for 25 years to demonstrate how ultra-processed food doesn’t break down or alter very much in appearance. She uses it when working with weight management clients to highlight how unhealthy processed carbohydrates and sugars are.

She bought the items as an experiment, only expecting them to last a year, but they look almost as good as they did in 1997. Now the snack box is back in the spotlight as Marisa launches her unique new weight management approach, Dietless Life which promises people freedom from diets forever.

Dietless Life uses hypnotherapy techniques to get to the root cause of someone’s unhealthy relationship with food, reframing their attitudes so they feel better and more confident about themselves. It also consciously and subconsciously reprogrammes their thinking around food which helps them to make healthier choices.

Commenting on Dietless Life, Marisa said:

‘People are always shocked when they see this box of snacks. I ask them if bugs, bacteria and insects won’t touch the contents, why would they consider eating them and think of them as a treat? Over-eating is usually an emotional response triggered by a memory from something that happened in childhood. Reframe that experience and people find themselves with a renewed confidence and a different attitude to food’.

Over 12 weeks, Marisa will host a live, weekly workshop and bespoke group hypnosis sessions giving people a complete understanding of their personal overeating ‘whys’ and ‘hows’.

The program offers a range of additional benefits that are all based on Marisa’s methods and client successes over the years including:

A new, unique hypnotic audio download each week

A different hypnosis session with Marisa every week

Strategies to change your relationship with food forever

Techniques to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate, improve your digestion and change your food preferences.
Therapy demonstrations and motivational lessons including the Number 1 reason diets fail
Strategies to end stress eating
Exclusive access to Marisa’s new book, Dietless Life
Personal development workbook including client tried-and-tested tactics and strategies
An accountability buddy allowing partners to mentor and support one another throughout the 12 weeks

The one-off cost is just $379 which is less than the annual cost for the basic membership and weekly fees of a slimming club.

Anyone interested in joining can visit the Dietless Life Facebook Group with the launch on May 6th – International No Diet Day – and the program itself starting on May 12th. Full details of what the 12-week experience includes is attached.


For further information, to arrange an interview with Marisa or book a free media place on Dietless Life, please email [email protected]

What’s in the box of delights?

Bread rolls, wraps, croissants, bagels, tortillas, paninis, muffins, doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, marshmallows, Kit Kat’s, Percy Pigs, crisps, chocolate, jelly sweets, tubs of margarine, cakes, sugar lumps and sweeteners are amongst some of the treasures.

About Marisa

Marisa has a long-standing interest and involvement within the health and fitness industry. She began training as a therapist while working alongside Debbie Moore at London’s renowned Pineapple Studio and then moved to LA to work with Jane Fonda.

She developed a keen interest in people’s psyche around food and eating as well as body dysmorphia. Marisa saw firsthand how this impacted on their mental wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Following training in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and other therapeutic approaches, she set up her own practice and over a thirty-year career has helped hundreds of clients to get to the root cause of their unhealthy relationship with food, setting them free from the need to diet or follow faddy eating trends. She has appeared as an expert therapist on Supersize Superskinny, Celebrity Fit Club USA and UK and Bust a Gut and countless other international television programmes. She had her own column in Closer magazine and Men’s Health

Dietless Life brings together her unique learnings and

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