Fresh, Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes | Martha Stewart

Indulge responsibly this Thanksgiving by preparing fresh, in-season sides and mains to balance the rest of the holiday feast. We aren’t suggesting you forgo butter or skip dessert, but we are certain that the holiday can be festive without dishes loaded with dairy, fats, and salt. Here, we’re sharing some seasonal recipes that are bursting with color and vibrant flavor to enhance the overall feast and make it a tad healthier.

The key to a fresher Thanksgiving dinner is hitting up the grocery store or farmers’ market and showcasing gorgeous fall produce. Of course, Brussels sprouts must be on the table; try pairing them with avocado and pumpkin seeds in a crunchy yet creamy salad rather than roasting them. That will free up oven space and give you a beautiful and unexpected dish. Instead of the usual green bean casserole, finish blanched green beans with miso and lemon or toss

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