The Best Weeknight Dinner Recipes for September

With the start of the school year officially upon us, weeknights are bound to become a whole lot busier. We’re here to help with a selection of quick and delicious weeknight meals, such as the Cashew Shrimp that’s shown here, to help you get dinner on the table (and ensure the entire family is well-fed) no matter how jam-packed your afternoon schedule is.

Just as school has rules, we have a few for getting dinner on the table with minimal fuss Monday through Friday—we think you’ll like them. First, every recipe needs to be prepared and ready to eat in less than hour. Second, the meals need to be family-friendly, meaning balanced, able to feed at least four people, and something even most kids will enjoy. Finally, every recipe needs to be easy—that means you should have the majority of ingredients on hand already and that there’s no fancy equipment

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