24 One-Pot Vegetarian Meals That Are Savory and Satisfying

Whether it’s made in a saucepan, stockpot, or baking dish, there’s one thing in common about all of the recipes here: They’re all one-pot dinners! We’re all for this method of cooking because it typically requires fewer steps and, of course, less mess than most of the dinner recipes we’re used to preparing.

Another thing that’s a constant with all of these recipes? They’re all vegetarian dinners that are consistently delicious. In the dishes ahead sweet potatoes take the place of ground beef in a totally transformative Vegan Sweet Potato Chili and the contrast of creamy, cool avocado slices atop a bowl of spicy vegetables and beans is entirely inspired.

Another vegetarian recipe that falls into the one-pan category is among our most beloved: Our One-Pot Pasta, pictured here, is a low-maintenance dish that’s favored by vegetarians and carnivores, alike. Lots of fresh garlic cloves, basil, sliced onions, cherry

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Beef Casserole Recipes to Make for Dinner

Cooler nights call for a comforting meal—on those days, try one of these beef casserole recipes. They’re family-friendly, incredibly delicious, and often made with little more than just ground beef, vegetables, and herbs and spices. They’re easy to prepare and can often be made in advance, then reheated just before dinner time. One of the most classic examples of a beef casserole is shepherd’s pie. This warming dish features two layers—the bottom layer is generally made with a combination of sautéed ground beef or lamb, mixed vegetables like peas and onions, and Worcestershire sauce, then topped with creamy mashed potatoes. The casserole is then baked until everything is heated through and the potatoes are golden brown and bubbling. Not a bad way to end the day, right?

Another beef casserole recipe that everyone knows and loves is lasagna. While you may not think of this Italian dish as a

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