18 Quick Sunday Night Dinner Recipes

Herbert M. Pickett

Sunday evenings are more than a time of day and a day of the week. Sunday evenings are a feeling; lots of feelings, usually. And when it comes to soothing our feelings, there’s nothing quite as effective as a comforting dinner, like the Vegetarian Gumbo shown here. Once upon a time, Sunday dinners might have been cooked by mothers, grandmothers, or fathers who stayed home to cook while the rest of the family was out playing; this is not so true any more. Having a comforting Sunday dinner doesn’t mean having to cook all day, though. Many of us find our own way of getting the dinner on the table so that we can spend less time cooking and more time gathering and regrouping before the week begins, and that’s true even if it means cutting a few corners. There are no processed foods in these nutritious meals though, unless a can of beans or a bottle of Chinese black bean-garlic sauce count. That’s because fresh ingredients are just as quick to cook when you know what to do with them.

When it comes to wrapping up the weekend with a good meal while saving some energy and time for the week to come, a little bit of forgiveness is a good idea. In that spirit, keep some easy recipes in your back pocket. These are the dinners you’ll want to make when you’re having a busy weekend but there are needs to be met. Whether they’re less time consuming versions of Italian-American classics, simplified versions of your favorite takeout meals, or they use one pot instead of two, these are sure to become regular Sunday night favorites.

Pasta and spinach can be cooked together, and fish and vegetables easily baked in a parchment packet, and, of course, sausage and beans practically cook themselves. Add these recipes to the Sunday night repertoire; hanging onto what we’ve gained during a relaxing weekend, while preparing for the workweek ahead can be a hard balance to strike. If we give ourselves a meal that eases our minds while filling our bellies, we know that when Monday morning comes around, we’ll be off to a good start.

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